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Candlelight Kitchen Campaign 


For the 2012 Christmas season, we are raising money for a new kitchen for our first and largest home, Beloved Rehoboth. For too long, Mama Jane has been struggling to feed almost 20 children out a kitchen the size of a mini-van with one fireplace. We want to make a kitchen and dining hall where Mama Jane can cook standing up-right and where the whole family can eat inside and the children can learn and play. 


Our family home orphanage in Kenya, “Beloved Rehoboth,” which is home to 18 children. Prior to Candlelight Kitchen, Mama Jane would wake up before sunrise to cook meals for her family until after sunset. She does it all for her large family in a cramped kitchen no bigger than a walk-in closet and without any of the comforts we often consider a necessity (such as counter space and electricity). Furthermore, all the children cannot fit in the living room during meals, so many of the children eat outside. Therefore, Beloved’s Candlelight Kitchen Campaign sought to raise funds of $12,000 to build a kitchen and dining hall for our family home orphanage.


Beloved was able to raise all of the funds needed to build Beloved Rehoboth a kitchen in the time we had hoped and during our next mission trip out to Kenya in the summer of 2013, we were able to help assist in painting the inside of our brand new kitchen. Praise the Lord for his provision! 

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