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The only institution that Jesus ever established was his church (Matthew 16:18–19). For almost two thousand years, Christians have been living out their faith and spreading the gospel through the local church. As a non-church organization, Beloved still strongly believes in the mission and ministry of local churches. One of our primary goals is to empower local churches and their congregations to carry out the work of overseas orphan care.


We want to partner with local churches to give them an outlet for serving in the work of overseas orphan care in ways that might not be otherwise possible. Most local churches do not have the capacity to establish orphanages or family homes by themselves. Our goal is to create a platform where a church can invest in this type of ministry according to its unique capacity and abilities. Many churches have members and families who have taken on roles as adoptive or foster parents. However, Beloved’s platform allows entire churches to be engaged in the mission of overseas orphan care even if they themselves are not adoptive parents.


Ideally, we wish to discuss options with your church’s leadership and membership to come up with ways that partnership is possible. The following menu of options lists out possible ideas for how a church might become involved.


Opportunities include:


a) Allow Us to Present to Your Congregation

We would be interested in presenting our ministry to see if your members would be interested in contributing to Beloved’s work.


b) Help Bring in More Children

The marginal cost of adding an additional child is $50 per month. Such a monthly commitment from a church or a member can make a life-changing impact in the life of a child.


c) Sponsor an Sustainability Project

A milking cow that costs $1500 can provide milk for our children and produce more to sell. A used pickup truck that costs $10,000 can greatly reduce our transportation costs and allow the family to run a local business transporting crops and materials.


d) Establish the Next Home

A candidate family that already has several adopted children wants to be the next family home. We need a church or a network of churches to commit to “adopting” this family as they incur the burden of adopting more children into their home.


e) Form an Orphan Care Prayer Group

We have plenty of prayer needs and would welcome members of local churches praying for this ministry, the parents, the children, the projects, and other needs.


f) Join Us During Our Next Trip to Kenya

We take an annual trip to visit our home and would welcome members and leaders of local churches to come as “ambassadors” to learn about our ministry and report back what they see.



Thank you for your time and consideration. Please keep our ministry in your prayers. We pray that you will join us in changing the lives of lost children around the world for His kingdom. Please review the attached PDF or contact us at for more information on how your church can partner with Beloved International.

Local Churches

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