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Meet the Caring Hearts Parents



Our dear friends, Stephen and Julia have been with Beloved Caring Hearts since August 2011. Since then, they have committed their lives to serving Christ by serving unfortunate children. God has blessed him and his wife with one daughter, Arianna. Stephen grew up in a Christian family but it wasn’t until 2009 that he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Julia grew up as the youngest child and also committed her life to Christ in 2009. A year later, Stephen served as a member at Deliverance Church in Ndunyu NJeru. Stephen and his wife, Julia soon became interested in working with Beloved Caring Hearts to bring children into their growing family.


In the future, Stephen hopes to one day pursue a degree in guidance and counseling. Julia’s passion for underprivileged children stems from her own personal experience of growing up in unfortunate conditions. Their love for Christ and their dedication to serving children have made them the perfect parents for Beloved Caring Hearts.

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