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Family Sponsorship Program

Our Beloved Family Home Sponsorship program gives you an opportunity to donate to Beloved on a recurring monthly basis as a Sponsor of one of our family homes. All of your money would go to supporting the basic welfare and daily needs of Beloved's children, which includes food, education, and maintenance of the home. While we are certainly blessed by one-time donations, these donations are typically allocated to building projects or self-sustainability projects such as living quarters or a milking cow. Without monthly recurring support, we cannot commit to bringing in additional children or giving our existing children a quality education.



Here at Beloved, we highly value the importance of family. Beloved’s philosophy of ministry identifies the family unit as the ideal environment for the spiritual growth and social development of children who come from backgrounds of abandonment and abuse. Our theory is that placing children in a real and permanent Christian family will give them a great opportunity to thrive and learn about God’s word. Therefore, our financial support goes to the family rather than individual children. Once our children become a part of a Beloved Family, they are no longer seen as individuals who need support, but a part of a larger body that functions together. Furthermore, we would not want to create a situation where some children are sponsored while others are not.

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