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Beloved International runs off the generosity of people like you who believe in the work God is doing through us to bring orphans the hope of spiritual adoption through physical adoption. We trust that the Lord is calling us to something much greater than ourselves - to feed the hungry, to clothe the needy, to take care of the widows and orphans, to bring the good news of Christ to those who do not yet know - and we ask you to join us in doing this kingdom work. 


It doesn't take much to make an impact. Overall, it costs approximately $50 a month to fully support one of our children for an entire month. This includes food, education, and all basic needs. Whether it's giving up coffee for a week or turning down that brand new pair of shoes, we challenge you to see how you are able to give financially to Beloved International so that Jael and Clinton are able to go to school this year and Zipporah has a place to call her own. 


There are several ways that your donation will benefit our families. Below is a breakdown of some long term and short term goals Beloved has in order to fulfill our three-fold mission. 














Every little bit makes a difference. We hope that after prayerful consideration, you would partner with Beloved to make a difference not only in the life, but the eternal life to come in Christ Jesus. If you are unable to give financially at the moment but still want to be involved with Beloved, we totally understand. Please visit our Involvement page to see what opportunities are the best fit for you. 


Short-Term Needs 


  • Daily food for all Beloved children and families 

  • Food and supplies for livestock

  • Reliable transportation (car or truck) for Beloved families 

  • Repairs and home maintenance emergencies that occur due to weather conditions or otherwise 


Long-Term Needs 


  • Growing and building up more family homes in order to bringing in more orphans 

  • Providing private secondary education and eventually college education for all Beloved children

  • Acquiring more land for farming and livestock at each Beloved family home

  • Larger running water and sanitation facility projects for all Beloved family homes

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