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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any additional questions about Beloved International, please contact us at or through the Contact page. 

When did Beloved begin? 


Beloved International was founded in June of 2010. It became an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization in March of 2011.


How does Beloved choose their parents?


The parents of Beloved Rehoboth, Pastor Stephen and Jane, were good friends of Peter (co-founder and director). They shared a similar vision and passion for the orphans in Kenya and had become years before when Peter went to Kenya for missions and helped out in the orphanage that Pastor Stephen was currently working at. As for the choosing of future parents, parents from the native country shall be chosen through personal recommendations, an application process, interviews, and ultimate decisions are made through thee board of directors.


How much does it cost to care for each child?


The daily and basic living costs for each child varies around $50 a month depending on location and economy. To add a child to our home we need to first make sure that we will consistently be receiving $50 more each month. These costs do not cover medical expenses, emergency funds, initial adoption costs, and education.


What percentage of donations go to the homes?


As of now, Beloved International has minimal paid staff and minimal domestic logistics costs. Small portions are used to fund merchandise and events for fundraising. When supporting a specific project (i.e. buying a cow, building bathrooms), 100% goes toward the direct expenses needed.


How does Beloved find orphans to adopt?

In Kenya there is anything but a shortage of orphans, and we are asked to take in children constantly. Unfortunately because the model of our home and our limited funding, we are unable to just take in everybody but when our funds allow us to we do. The potential children go through HIV testing because our homes are not adequate for HIV positive orphans. We then verify that the orphans are "total orphans", meaning that their parents are either both deceased or have abandoned the child. Our target age for our kids are six to eight years old however the final decision lies with the parents of the home.


What Christian denomination is Beloved under?

Beloved International is a non-denominational Christian non-profit organization.


Where does Beloved receive their funding?

Beloved runs purely off of the generous donations and partnering of churches and individuals like you.


Does Beloved have mission trips open to the public?

Beloved International organizes trips for churches and groups and also has trips available to those who are interested in partnering with us. If interested please check the "Get Involved" tab at the top or email us at


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