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Hoops for Homes Basketball Tournament 


Hoops for Homes was a fundraiser event in the form of a basketball tournament, bringing together those who share a common love for sports and the Gospel. The goal was to not only raise funds for Beloved International, but to also bring together the church community in South California to help raise awareness of the orphan care ministry. It was an outlet for those who wanted to support Beloved by also participating in something they loved, allowing us to demonstrate that there are a multitude of ways for people to be a part of Beloved's ministry. 


Hoops for Homes was held on October 26th of 2013 at CSU Long Beach. The basketball tournament consisted of teams of 4 players from various churches across Orange County and Los Angeles such as Berean Comunity Church, Lighthouse Community Church, and many more. Teams played against one another in 2 rounds - Round Robin and Final Elimination - until we finally crowned our champions (last photo).  


Overall, it was an exciting day of teamwork, laughter, and sportsmanship but ultimately, it was a tremendous day where people from all different churches came together to help ensure our children had a place to call home. 

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