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Beloved at UCI presents: Huruma 


Huruma is the Swahili word for "compassion" and compassion is the foundation of what Beloved International is about. Compassion on our children. Compassion on their souls. Compassion on those in need. Beloved at UCI sought to create an event that would highlight this essenttial component of our organization and bring together the UC Irvine community to help them understand how we can all play an active role in showing compassion. 


Founded in the Spring of 2013, Huruma began as a simple fundraiser event and grew to be a uniting advocate of awareness for orphan care across the campus. At it's foundation, it is a talent showcase that draws features performers from various Christian fellowships at UC Irvine while also presenting a wholistic look at the global orphan crisis and Beloved's work to resolve it. Huruma has raised over $4,000 over the past 2 years, specifically towards Beloved's home development efforts such as education, build renovations, and daily needs. 


Huruma is proud to have partnered with many amazing performers and fellowships, including:


Tim Be Told 

Calvin Chu 

Crossroad Campus Ministries 

Asian American Christian Fellowship 

Crosslife Christian Fellowship 


Korean Campus Crusade for Christ 



Please be on the lookout! Huruma will be coming to UC Irvine again in the Spring of 2015, as we once again hope to inspire and encourage a generation of individuals to consider their role in showing compassion to the Fatherless. 


If you would like to learn more about Huruma or get involved, please visit our Beloved @ UCI page or contact Abigail Young. 

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