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Beloved Goes to Kenya

I wouldn’t say I’m specially equipped to help orphans. For instance, I’ve never had kids. I’m not an orphan myself. In fact, I haven’t even come from a broken family. And if that isn’t enough, kid’s usually cry when they see me, well… at least in the hospital. I didn’t make the decision to minister to orphans because some sermon slapped me in the face. I didn’t make this decision because I heard God’s voice tell me in an authoritative echo His specific holy direction for me. (Although, that actually would have been pretty cool to experience.) And to top it all off, to be completely honest and transparent, I feel utterly unqualified and inadequate to serve in such a capacity. On the other hand, I do feel CALLED to help orphans. In fact, WE are all called to minister to orphans according to James 1:27.

I also don't think a calling always has to be something mystical or mysterious. I didn't get some mystical "calling" to devote the rest of my life to help orphans. As Dr. Stevens(president of World Medical Missions) states, "A call is nothing more or less than seeing a need and realizing that God has specially equipped you to meet that need”. Likewise, I simply saw a need and recognized how God specifically equipped me to fill that need...all for the good of His Gospel. Most importantly, my greatest passion in this life is not orphans, not medicine, not Africa or Asia. My greatest passion is the Gospel and will always be as long as I live. Therefore, the goal of this ministry is not feeding orphans but to share with orphans the glorious truth of their Father up in heaven and to show how much Jesus loves them.

Anyways, I'm off to Kenya at the moment. I just wanted to share a little of my heart to show you all how weak and inadequate I am yet how great and able Jesus is. His power is indeed perfected in weakness and His grace is sufficient. Thank you Jesus! WOOT! - Pete

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