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I cant stop thinking about how sovereign and amazing our Lord is. If you asked me one year ago where I thought I would be today. The last place that I would have even thought of would be Kenya. God has His ways of putting His plans into motion. We foolishly think that we have any control over it and that we can plan for the year or even week ahead. Very rarely do things ever happen according to our plans. and I must say. “Thank God for that!” My plans are always so small and narrow. Not beyond the little box of knowledge that I have. If things went according to my plans. Dang would my life suck. I am just now learning to sit back and enjoy the ride. Beloved was a separate vision that God planted in three different people in different times and different stages in their life. All extremely inadequate for the calling. Only to bring them together through one random person. After that, without hesitation, God began the work of BeLoved International.

I am sitting in the plane waiting to fly back to California and I can’t stop shaking my legs. God showed us so much here. He humbled us and reminded us of our inadequacies and regardless of that He shined His glory through us. We have now officially opened our first family home in Kinongop, Kenya and has expanded and cultivated BeLoved’s vision. It excites me so much that I cant sit still. I feel like a six year old on a 12 hour flight going to Disney World. The joy that I feel right now is unreal. How were these past two weeks real? The morning after our first children came to the home I woke up to laughing and cheerful shouting in a different language. They were so happy to have slept in their own beds, in their new home, with their new permanent family. There has never been a more joyous ruckus to wake up to. God you are amazing and your love overflows.

- Catalina

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