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The First Few Months

As we look back on the past few months, it’s been a time of deep reflection and thanksgiving. Not only has God provided for us in every need but was clearly able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think(Eph 3:20) . Indeed our cup overflows(Psalm 23:5). Beloved Rehoboth Children’s Home is currently doing well as the new children continue to transition and acclimate to what they can officially call HOME. In honor of Christmas and New Years, Stephen and Jane sought to celebrate this joyous occasion with the children in their own special way, by slaughtering a sheep and having a BBQ fully stocked with unlimited chapatti.

As the new year began, the early morning roads also began to fill with children flocking in their school uniforms to begin yet another academic session. And Karima Primary School welcomed 5 new members into their community. New school also typically means new friends, new teachers, and new setting. However, for our children, new friends obviously wasn’t a problem.

The new month also brought new unexpected visitors from afar. Bonifas (pictured to the far right ) was one of the first children Stephen and Jane brought into their humble home 12 years ago. Bonifas was a street child from Naivasha trapped in a world of drug addiction and crime. However, when Stephen and Jane began to raise Bonifas at a young age of 7 years old, Bonifas transformed from becoming a statistic to a huge success. He now currently is studying at the national University in Nairobi majoring in business administration. Bonifas is but one example of what Stephen and Jane have been able to accomplish through God’s grace.

with new activity and excitement, Stephen and Jane could not help but thank God for the new fresh start to serve His orphans. However, with the added responsibility, they refuse to take this new role lightly. So they ask for your earnest and genuine prayers:

  • 1. For their faithfulness to teach the children the truth and love of Jesus Christ daily.

  • 2. For Jane’s role as the mother. It is not an easy task being a mother to a child, let alone to 9 children now. She is now their source of comfort, care, and compassion. She is the first person they seek when they have a problem or something to share.

  • 3. Stephen takes his role as the provider seriously. He is hard at work in the farm to provide food for the family. Please pray for his crops that they are fruitful and abundant.

  • 4. The new home is in need of some modifications. They are praying fervently for new washrooms and bathrooms for the children.

  • 5. Water is always an unpredictable necessity in Kenya. Sometimes water is plentiful and at times it is sparse. The home is in need of a water tank to ensure the safety and health of the home and children.

  • 6. Beloved Rehoboth has been gaining rapid interest by the local community. Countless orphans are showing up at their doorstep to find a home. Unfortunately, Stephen and Jane aren’t able to take them in and are forced to place them in another institution. However, they are getting to the point where their hearts are too broken to decline. Please pray for the continued support of the home so that they can continue to add to their happy home.

- Beloved International John 4:7

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