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Dear brothers and sisters,

First and foremost, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your earnest prayers and support! I apologize for getting this update letter to you all very late but I wanted to make sure we had some media in place before I sent this out. We have been working tirelessly on a lot of different projects for Beloved and have been in the process of getting our organization up and running officially. Our website is still under construction but the minute it is ready I will be sure to send that out to you all again. So as for our trip to Kenya, here is a quick update on what happened:

  1. I'm pleased to announce that our first children's home, Beloved Rehoboth Children's Home, is now up and running with 5 new children currently living there( Tabitha, Brian, Wilson, Harold, and Agnes). We will be putting up media on our website detailing who they are and their stories as well as the new home.

  2. Our organization, Beloved Kenya Ministries, is also now officially registered with the Kenyan government. What should have been a 3-6 month process only took us 1 month. We were blessed to have met and joined with a local Pastor, David Kuria, who was very established in the registration process and has his own official slum ministry, to have vouched for our organization with the Kenyan government. Considering that we were foreigners and didn't have a large Kenyan board, we had a lot of things working against us. But in the end, what should have been a long, arduous, and frustrating process turned into a short and sweet task.

  3. We were able to network and stay with some local family homes throughout Kinangop and Nyaharuru. It was a major blessing to see what work God was doing in these small home-based children homes. It was truly an inspiration and we were blessed beyond belief.

  4. Our time with the street children of Naivasha was an absolute miracle. These children are a rampant and lost community that are often dangerous to deal with. They hate cameras and they hate foreigners. But God opened up a door for us to spend time with them, feed them, and ultimately collect rare media to bring back. We enjoyed spending time with them and ironically they enjoyed our company:). These are the children that we hope that will one day step through the doors of Beloved Rehoboth Children's Home.

  5. We learned and experienced so much during our short stay there. We believe God is taking Beloved in a unique direction and we can't wait to step out in faith to see what lies in store. Here is a link to our mission statement just to give a clearer picture of what Beloved International stands for and looks to accomplish:

  1. God was so faithful to meet every need and surpassed all our expectations. We were constantly busy day after day and essentially didn't stop to breathe until the last hour of our trip, literally. At times, we were frustrated and pushed. And at other times, we were humbled and joyful. In the end, God carried us through all circumstances and received all the glory.

So rather than tell you what happened, here's a short 10-minute video to show you clips of our trip:

if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me personally. More updates to come....

your brother in Christ, Peter Hahn and Beloved International

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