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A New Home Means A New Start

Pastor Stephen and Jane can still remember the trail of tears they left behind after being ousted from their old children’s home as they saw their home become a private school for profit. And the very orphans that they fostered for countless years were taken away from them, forced to dorm under the care of the new private school. What appeared to be a promising future for the children quickly revealed one hard truth: a home was lost. Forced to relocate and find a new foundation, Pastor Stephen and Jane vowed they would not give up on their calling to minister to the orphans of this world. Although it was not easy to keep the faith, Pastor Stephen continued to minister to the street children of Naivasha, the very ministry that allowed him to start his previous children’s home with the hopes that God would provide another opportunity.

With the start of Beloved International and Beloved Rehoboth Children’s Home, a new home was built and with it a new fresh start. For the first 4 orphans who entered through these doors, a new story began for them. And for Stephen and Jane, their prayers were answered: a new beginning was given.

For the past month, Beloved Rehoboth Children’s Home was able to add to its family another member. Margaret “Maggie” Wambui was welcomed into the home this past week.

She was orphaned at the age of 4 years old when her mother died of AIDS in September of 2006. Left to be raised by her poor grandmother who is no longer able to support her, she was unable to be educated properly and was held back a grade. It is estimated that she could be between 8 to 10 years old. Because her mother was the only living source to correctly know her age, we can only assume such figures. Stephen and Jane believe with food, new clothing, new siblings, and good Christian parenting, her current challenges can be overcome.

A new season also began for the countryside of Kinangop. With the plains and farmland green with new life, the home was blessed with promising supply for the future. As for the home, it continues to develop daily. Each child has settled into their new settings, learning the customs of the home. Farming especially has become a daily chore teaching the children to work hard and contribute to the survival of the home.

It has only been 4 months since the inauguration of the home. But as we can see, the home continues to grow and Lord-willing will continue to grow.

Brethren, pray for us (1 Thess 5:25) and pray without ceasing(1 Thess 5: 17)!

  1. For their faithfulness to teach the children the truth and love of Jesus Christ daily.

  2. For Jane’s role as the mother. Being the mother to 9 children now, she is left with countless duties to fulfill in the home including washing the children’s clothes. The home is in need of a washing machine to help Jane with this weekly task. With continued support of Beloved International, we hope to add this to the home in the near future.

  3. Stephen is hard at work in the farm to provide food for the family. The crops have been fruitful thus far. Please pray for the continued success of the home’s crops as this is the main source of food for the home.

  4. The new home is in need of some modifications. They are praying fervently for new washrooms and bathrooms for the children.

  5. Water is always an unpredictable necessity in Kenya. Sometimes water is plentiful and at times it is sparse. The home is in need of a water tank to ensure the safety and health of the home and children.

  6. Beloved Rehoboth has been gaining rapid interest by the local community. Countless orphans are showing up at their doorstep to find a home. Unfortunately, Stephen and Jane aren’t able to take them in and are forced to place them in another institution. However, they are getting to the point where their hearts are too broken to decline. Please pray for the continued support of the home so that they can continue to add to their happy home

.Beloved International

James 1:27

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