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Consider It All Joy

The seasons change quickly in Kenya. One month will bring heat. Another month will bring floods. And the next month will bring drought. Where as last month marked a very dry month with lands left thirsty, this month decided to bring a surplus of rains. However, too much of something good can be a problem too. Despite the need for rain, these conditions, which are expected to continue through the end of August, bring complications for current farming, food supplies, and travel. The country’s economy also has not brought good news as maize, the country’s main food supply, was recently announced to be in a drastic shortage, hiking up prices for those around the entire country. However, Pastor Stephen and Beloved Rehoboth Children’s Home continue to rejoice regardless of the new issues wrought; and morale and hope remain high. They rest assured God will provide and they will not go hungry nor will they fret for the future. Because more importantly than the current economy or food shortage or weather, God remains faithful as their loving Father and provider, providing to the extent of Himself.

In the words of Pastor Stephen, “the children are doing OKIZAY!” The time is passing fast as activity continues to remain high and quarreling almost non-existent within the home. Health has also remained stable as hospital visits were at an all time low last month and hope to continue that way Lord willing. The children are back in school where they are praised for their good behavior and excellent performance. Although the home can appear bustling with loud cries of laughter and cheer, the children have become accustomed to their daily duties assisting Jane in the kitchen, helping Pastor Stephen gather new firewood, or feeding their few animals in the farm. And evening fellowships continue to be a time of sweet encouragement and rest with simple prayer and preaching of the Word.

As for Beloved International, a new season has begun for us as well. Brains and creative juices, fueled by the new excitement of our next trip in December, are working at an all-time high. With fervent prayers and expected graces, we have been amidst a new wave of stages. Recently, we were able to partner with a local non-profit organization called Inspire Inc, who are dedicated to bringing amateur Christian artists and musicians to the forefront through organized performances nationwide while promoting various missional causes. Together, we hope to highlight Beloved’s mission to the local community and partner with promising and inspiring musicians looking for a cause. Mark your dates for October 22 and keep your eyes peeled for first sponsored event. Both Inspire and Beloved will be holding a benefit concert in Torrance, CA to introduce Beloved International and further publicize our mission. So stay tuned for further details. You heard it hear first! Alongside our domestic pursuits, we are in the process of finalizing our first income-producing project for the home. Beloved remains focused and dedicated to their mission of “Salvation, Security and Self-Sustainability.” With the hopes of building a self-sustaining home in the future, we hope to generate a home that can provide for itself years down the line. Our first attempt to make this a reality will be to provide the home with a milking cow with reproducing capabilities. With time, this cow will be able to generate consistent monthly income allowing them to essentially depend less and less on their international brothers and sisters. There is a peace that comes with knowing a home can provide for itself and that is our goal for the future. Next month’s update will provide our audience with a more detailed picture so stay tuned. Please continue to pray for us. We are an organization that prays and prays a lot. But without your faithful prayers, we would not be where we are now.

Here are our monthly prayer needs:

  1. The struggling economy has hiked up prices for maize. Although the home is not struggling to eat well, there is always the concern that demands may increase on the home in other areas with a greater focus on sustaining food supply.

  2. Pastor Stephen and Jane are working tirelessly to maintain the home. Although the Lord has been faithful to provide them with daily strength, the concern is that with increasing orphans coming into the home in the future, more manpower will be needed. Please pray for the future volunteers at the home that they would be godly and compassionate men and women.

  3. Brian, our youngest child, has been having trouble with bedwetting. Please pray for his development as this has been a continuing issue even before he entered the home.

  4. Pastor Stephen has had a hard time finding a good local church to partner with. Their current church lead by Pastor Simon(director of God’s Glory for All Nations and partner with Beloved Kenya) is almost 1.5 hours to get to forcing Pastor Stephen to look beyond their current city and into the outskirts of Ndunyu Ngeru for a trustworthy church for the children.

  5. Pastor Stephen also continues his feeding program in the streets of Naivasha on a weekly basis. We hope that some of these children will be welcomed into our home in the near future. Please pray for the fruitfulness of this ministry that Pastor Stephen may maintain good-standing with these children and the street community.

  6. Please pray for Beloved International as we continue to plan and partner with Inspire Inc for our first sponsored event taking place on October 22 in Torrance, CA as well as for our first income producing project planned for this December.

Beloved International 1 John 4:7

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