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Just Yesterday

A year has passed since we welcomed in our first children into the home. It seems only yesterday when we gazed upon 5 shy and quiet faces exploring their new beds and home. It seems only yesterday when we would awake to the pattering of little feet around our bed at sunrise. It seems only yesterday when we were dining with the street children of Naivasha and hearing their heartbreaking stories. It seems only yesterday when we held a trembling Brian as we waited patiently for his HIV results. It seems only yesterday when we were singing worship songs with the children of Good Samaritan and Beloved Rehoboth sending chills down our spines. And it was only yesterday when a patch of dirt set the stage for God to build a home.

At first, Beloved Rehoboth Children’s Home was merely a shelter for lost children. However in time, it became a place where orphans became children. A place where orphans discovered Jesus. A place where they found their mom and dad. A place where innocence was restored. A place where they were loved and learned to love in return. And ultimately, a place where they indeed found rest just like its name “Rehoboth”. We travel back to where it all began in a week and would love your support in prayer. Without your earnest prayers and intercession, we would not be where we are today. We are able to do what we do because we are all in this together. You all make this home possible through your loving support.

Please pray for:

  1. We are welcoming three new children into the home(Patricia(8), Jane(7), and John(6)). When we arrive into Kenya, we will be going straight to pick up these children to welcome them into their new home. It was such a joy to witness our first 5 children coming to Beloved Rehoboth last year and seeing the new excitement on their face. Please pray for a smooth transition for these children as they move into what they can call home from here on out.

  2. We will be staying/networking with children homes we met with in the past as well as new homes in order to build a stronger connection with the family home network. Please pray for strong relationships for our new and old ties.

  3. We will be spending a day with the street children of Naivasha. We were fortunate last year to have as much time as we did with them. However, this population is very unpredictable, fickle, sensitive, demanding, and at times dangerous. Please pray that we will be able to minister to them and build good rapport with this community as we look to rescue their younger members from a life of drugs, crime, prostitution, and ultimately spiritual deprivation.

  4. We will be implementing our first self-sustainability project. This year we will be purchasing a milking cow for the home. The construction of the cow shed has begun and should be completed by the time we arrive. However, due to weather and road conditions, it has been a challenge in transporting supplies to the home. We will also be purchasing our cow from an area close to Mount Kenya which lies about 3-4 hours outside of Kinangop. Please pray for wisdom and clarity when we purchase our cow as well as for smooth transport of the cow to our home. Please also pray for timely completion of the cowshed.

  5. Pastor Peter Kim is the senior pastor from Berean Community Church based in Costa Mesa, CA. He will be travelling with us and representing his church in order to partner with Beloved International. With the support of Berean Community Church, Beloved International seeks to continue to grow in order to have the freedom to bring in more children into the home as well as pave future roads for more ministry opportunities. Please pray for his heart as he travels to this new country.

  6. Please pray for our safe travels. One of our staff volunteers, Jane, will be travelling ahead of us. Please pray for her safe arrival and smooth transport to the home. And as always, please pray for grace and mercies for this trip. We do not have as much time to accomplish what we desire as last year. However, we are confident that God will do a great work and His hand will be upon us at all times.

  7. Please pray that we will that we would be witnesses everywhere we go, seeking to spread his Gospel and that God would be glorified.

  8. Remember you are loved. Be Loved beloved!

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