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The Kenya Experience - March 2013

This is a guest post from Ester Song, who recently joined Beloved on a short-term missions trip in March 2013.

The Lord has blessed my heart tremendously while visiting Beloved in Kenya. God used this experience to humble me and bring me back to the simplicity of His Gospel.

During my time in Kenya, what stood out the most to me was watching the children of Beloved tangibly show love to one another. They showed love by looking out for each other and placing the needs of their brothers and sisters before their own. I saw them helping one another with cleaning, cooking or chores. During play time, they would continue to love each other by making a seesaw out of a tin barrel and wood, a car with logs, making pinwheels out of paper and a stick, or share the soccer ball by kicking it to the younger ones. The children would also worship the Lord Jesus Christ with one voice during family worship time.

Although these children originally came from different homes, each one of them has been adopted into one family and ultimately, adopted into the family of God. We, as believers, have been adopted into God’s family and have every reason to rejoice and give thanks in all circumstances. As a child of God, I have been blessed to be loved by God and to love Him and others, as well as, to serve Him and others. May my life simply be a reflection of the glorifies of Jesus Christ in all I do.

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