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The Orphan Crisis

Most recent statistics reports that everyday nearly 5,760 children become orphans, accumulating to over 2.1 million orphaned children each year in Africa alone. 12% of all children in Sub- Saharan Africa are orphans and of those children, 5.7 million were orphaned in just 2010. The growing number of children contributing to this statistic are orphans victimized by AIDS who add to this figure every 15 seconds and have unfortunately already reached 15 million children, most of which are in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The growing number is steadily increasing and without proper government funding these figures will only worsen. By 2015 it is predicted that there will be 400 million orphans worldwide. Children are often the first victims to be displaced by their parents and with scarce resources, these children aren’t even given a fighting chance of survival.



















Its easy to get lost in figures since we’re so often bombarded with cold hard numbers with little to no emotional attachment, but let’s place these numbers into a different light to give us a better understanding of what these figures really mean. For every child in Africa who is abandoned, there is a 60% chance of that child entering slavery, often as a victim of human trafficking. So let’s paint a picture. The total number of orphans in the Sub-Saharan Africa is greater than the total number of children in Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Canada and Sweden combined. It is estimated that currently 53.1 million orphans lie within Sub-Sahara Africa, which is double the population of Texas. And of those 53.1 million orphans, 30% of them have lost their parents to AIDS.


These numbers cannot go away on their own. There must be a mediator, a group of people who care enough about these children to do something. Beloved does just that and took initiative for the on-going crisis of neglected orphans in the surrounding area. We believe that the orphan crisis is not going to be solved simply by providing a home. Beloved is a non-profit organization committed to not only providing these children a comfortable refuge but hopes to see these children one day accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; who is the greatest comfort of all. 

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